Main fabrics


Gelanots® Gelanots® – membrane created by the Toyota Tsusho Corporation, one of the leading trading houses in Japan with leading technologies for waterproof, breathable fabrics for the sportswear, sportfashion and other high end apparel applications. Gelanots® quickly gained confidence of the newest generation fabrics’ enthusiasts all over the world. This smart fabric is created in several versions, including the ones used by Milo Sport: :

• 3-layer Ultralight (80g/m2), where the outer ripstop layer is combined with breathable and waterproof membrane;

• 3-layer Lightweight with mechanical Stretch (140g/m2)

All versions of Gelanots® membranes have excellent waterproof performance up to 22.000mm/H2O and breathability up to 70.000g/m2/24h. As a result of this, products provide an efficient moisture transport away from the body, avoiding process of condensation. Gelanots® laminates are not microporous so they retain their windproof, waterproof and breathable qualities independently from time of use.

Aquatex ™ – these fabrics comprise a group of different materials covered with a layer of microporous polyurethane. This layer manages to achieve two opposing characteristics. Because particles of water are bigger than the micropores, Aquatex is waterproof and windproof. On the other hand, the molecules of vapour produced by a body during physical exertion are much smaller than the polyurethane micropores, so perspiration can permeate through the outer layer of material where it evaporates into the air. This effect is known as “breathability”, maintaining a natural microclimate near the skin and reducing the sensation of overheating and discomfort due to moisture remaining between outer clothes and body.

Softshell 2LF – 2-layer fabric constructed of 4-way stretch outer layer bonded to a fleece inner layer. It offers maximum freedom of movement combined with warmth, softness and wind protection.

Primaloft® Sport – the perfect combination of high performance insulation and value. This technology combines ultra-fine and multi-diameter fibers for specific performance characteristics. The specially treated ultra-fine fibers help to form a water resistant insulating structure, while the multi-diameter fibers help to build loft. Primaloft® is currently one of the best alternatives to down. Milo Sport uses the most universal insulation weights: 100g/m2 and 60g/m2.

Polartec® is a trade mark and registered in United States and in other jurisdictions for fabrics available only from Polartec Inc. “Times” magazine hailed Polartec® products one of the greates inventions of the 20th century.

Polartec® Thermal Pro® Recycled a group of knitted fabrics made of polyester fibers with excellent isothermal properties. The Thermal Pro® range offers unique insulation properties while moving the moisture away from the body. Very soft and breathable, they are rugged, do not change their outer appearance and are resistant to pilling. Since a few years we are using the environment friendly version of this fabric to give a little help to our mother-outdoor.

Polartec® 100 Micro these fabrics are the standard for lightweight warmth and breathability. Tight knit construction features 100% polyester microfibres and dries quickly. These durable, non–pilling fabrics maintain their insulation ability after repeated cleaning. 100 Micro fabrics keep you warm and comfortable in a wide range of conditions.

Polartec® Delta™ – was created so cooling fabric technologies could better utilize the body’s natural cooling process: sweat. Next-to-skin fabrics that target wicking and fast drying will keep moisture moving, but don’t work towards actually cooling the body down. Delta™ works more efficiently by elevating touch-points for increased airflow, faster moisture dispersal, and reduced wet-cling.

NanoqPile – group of fabrics which are chosen and developed after targeted testing to get the best possible characteristics and performance, suitable for a broad spectrum of insulation appliances. The can be thermoactive and stretch when used for manufacturing performance garments (Nanoqpile Stretch), warm, skin friendly and appealing for manufacturing everyday jackets (Nanoqpile 2) or comfortable and technical for light weight fleece jackets (Nanoqpile 1).

Extendo – 4-way stretch fabric with a robust outer- and moisture regulating inner surface.  Made from polyadmide and elastane fibers (92% / 8%). Extendo dries rapidly is highly elastic, retains its shape and is light and breathable making it a first choice for all active travellers, trekkers and climbers.

• Extendo ST: – heavier and thicker version of Extendo. Increased density and warmer inner finishing make the fabric especially suitable for lower temperature use providing better wind and thermal protection. Used for production of garments for intense usage like ski touring, climbing etc.

• Extendo WN: posiada grubsze, cieplejsze wykończenie od strony wewnętrznej z myślą o wykorzystywaniu w chłodniejszych warunkach.

• Extendo LT: lighter, and at the same time thinner version of Extendo material used for the production of hiking pants for use during spring and summer season. It provides greater thermal comfort at high temperatures while retaining other features of Extendo textiles, the flexibility and strength.

Supplex® – fabric manufactured by Invista company that combines softness and grip of cotton and all best properties of polyamide. It is resistant to tearing and abrasion as well as breathable. Thanks to thin polyamide fibres used for manufacturing, it is up to 30 % softer than standard polyamide fabrics.

Eclipse – group of lightweight, pilling resistant, technical knit fabrics with good moisture management, which wick moisture away from the body to the next layer of the clothing. Eclipse has a soft feel, dries rapidly and is very breathable. Available in different mixtures of polyester, elastane (Eclipse Stretch) and cotton (Eclipse Cotton).