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Stylish and comfortable bouldering pants made of denim cotton with an addition of elastic yarn, which can be also used as everyday trousers for people loving loose fit, easy life and climbing halls.

Light, durable cotton pants with fresh design. They combine benefits of natural cotton and loose cut. It ensures comfortable, everyday use plus climbing abilities.

Pure climbing pants made of natural cotton with an addition of elastic yarn. Comfortable and move friendly with exceptional design combined with climbing features like profiled knees, integrated belt or chalk bag loop.

3/4 lenght new climbing pants. Deep pockets and climbing cut provide great comfort. With 2 color pockets and print pants are like no other.

Remarkable, light shorts for summer use. Made of natural fabric with elastic yarn, equipped with 3 pockets and climbing features.

Light weight climbing pants made of durable, quick drying nylon, perfect for rock climbing in warm temperatures.

Comfortable fit and great style are the common features of the Aki pants line. Strong and ultralight nylon fabric makes the pants not only look good but also last for a long time.